ELLISVILLE NEWS UPDATE 4/18/22: CSLN Writers Night Resuming; Guest Performer At April 24th Sunday Service; Featured Performer in June

Hi Everyone,

Well spring is definitely here in Ellisville. How can you tell? When you get 80 degrees, severe thunderstorms, then temps near freezing and sleet and snow showers within a 48 hour period, yes, it’s probably spring. And of course, the leaves are back on the trees, and everyone’s sneezing.

I guess I’ll start off with a bit of self-promo. Next Sunday, April 24th, I will be the Guest Performer at CSLN’s Sunday Service. I will be doing four original songs, backed by their wonderful band under the direction of Larry Faragalli, and am planning to have three backup singers as well. The service starts at 11 a.m. (Central time), and if you are out of town and want to see it, you can go to CSLN.TV (Our YouTube channel) where it will be streamed live or can be seen later.

Meanwhile, the CSLN Writers Night (Formerly the Coffeehouse) will be resuming on Friday, May 6th. There will be an Open Mic from 6:30 – 7:30 (Sign up starts shortly before 6:30 with space for up to 12 performers).

From 7:30 – 8 P.M. we will have two Spotlight Performers doing 3 songs each. I don’t have their promo yet, but Denny Martin is a well known performer and songwriter in town, with a number of songs cut by known artists. He will be bringing the second Spotlight Performer, Corrine Cook.

Then around 8 P.M., we will have our Featured Performer, Susan Shann. Susan is a wonderful performing songwriter with a beautiful voice and several CDs to her credit, and has been the Guest Performer at our Sunday Services several times, as well as one of our Guest Speakers.

There is a $5.00 suggested Love Offering, and this is a potluck, so please bring something to eat or drink–we will only have what people bring.

And speaking of Featured Performers, I am honored to have been chosen for that spot on Friday, June 3rd. More on that in next month’s newsletter.

Well, that seems to be all for this edition. Y’all take some allergy meds and enjoy the warm weather.