ELLISVILLE NEWS–Jan. 17th, 2024. Happy New Year; Snow and Cold; Performing at CSLN

Hi Everyone,

Happy New Year from the warm and sunny south (Not!). Hope the holidays were good and everyone is off to a good start this year.

We only get heavy snow (4 inches or more) once every few years, and it’s been several years, so I guess we were due. Sunday Night and Monday we had our biggest snow in 8 years. The official total near the airport was 7.6 inches–my part of town got 8 inches and some areas got over 9″. Then came the cold! Single digits overnight, and I think this morning we bottomed out at 0! I’ve been keeping the hot and cold water running constantly to avoid a pipe burst like I had last year, when for the first time, I didn’t run that hot water, and that pipe burst and flooded my kitchen and bathroom. So far, so good this year. Meanwhile heat pumps struggle to keep up when the temp reaches single digits.

I only have one music thing to share, as the band is on a brief hiatis while one of our members has been attending to a family health issue. But I am scheduled to perform at the CSLN Sunday Service on Feb. 4th. It will likely be the last time I perform at this building, as we are moving at the end of February (Location still to be determined). It’s always an honor to be invited to do this, so I am looking forward to it.

Well, that’s all there is to share for now. be safe, Be well, Be you.


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ELLISVILLE NEWS–12/25/23: Belated Happy Holidays

Hi Everyone,

I had intended to send this out at least a week ago and got distracted, so though I am typing this on December 25th, MailChimp doesn’t actually send it out until the following morning. Therefore, belated Happy Chanukah, Merry Christmas, Happy Kwanza, and Happy New year.

Wishing you excellent health on all levels (Physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, financial, etc.), prosperity, love, joy, and success in the coming year and beyond.

Thank you for reading my newsletters. Happy Holidays,


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ELLISVILLE NEWS–11/30/23 Facebook hacked

Hi Everyone,

I hope you had a nice Thanksgiving. I certainly did–good food, good people and good music.

Just a brief warning. My FB page was apparently hacked. If you get a friend request–something supposedly from me about some kind of grant (Or anything else uncharacteristic of me), don’t click the link–it is a hack. If you clicked already, you may want to change your password.

If you get one of these and are suspicious, you should probably check to see if we are already friends–if we are, it is a hack. Also, like most people I know, I have several hundred Facebook friends, so if it shows 0 or very few friends, that’s a tip off that it was a hack.

Be safe, be well, be you.


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ELLISVILLE NEWS 11/10/23 Performing at Phat Bites Next Week And CSLN This Sunday.

Hi Everyone,

Just a quick reminder: The Gordon Ellis Ensemble will be performing at Phat Bites in Donelson next week, Thursday, 11/16 from 7-8 P.M. We will be opening for the Jim Martin Band, doing a set of my original Americana/Country music. This will be our 4th time there, so they must like us. There is no cover charge, but there is a tip jar on the stage and tips are always welcome.

Phat Bites has some great sandwiches with generous portions, in case you want to have dinner there.

Meanwhile, before Phat Bites (This Sunday, 11/12), I will be the Guest Performer at the CSLN Sunday Service, doing 3 of my songs with their great

house band. Rosemary Cathcart will be the speaker.

Finally, I want to thank Holly Bruce for inviting me to do a 25 minute solo set at the Bowery Vault last Saturday as part of her “Music As Medicine” show. It went very well!

Okay, I promised to keep it brief, so that’s it for now.

Be safe, be well, be you.


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ELLISVILLE NEWS 11/1/23–Just a quick reminder

Hi Everyone.

I just wanted to send a quick reminder that I will be performing a 25 minute set this Saturday, 11/4/23 at the Bowery Vault, 2905 C Gallatin Rd. This is part of Holly Bruce’s monthly “Music As Medicine” show and I will be playing from 7 – 7:25 p.m. with two acts following me. Note: You can’t see the Bowery Vault from Gallatin Rd. because it is behind the Italian Kitchen–take the driveway to the back. Hope you can make it.



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