ELLISVILLE NEWS–March 2nd, 2023: Performing At CSLN Sunday Service, and Another Upcoming Phat Bites Gig

Hi Everyone,

This is one of those newsletters with minimal news, so I’ll keep it brief. First, thanks to everyone who came out to Phat Bites in February to see my band, the Gordon Ellis Ensemble perform. We did a one hour set opening for Jim Martin’s band, and got a great response. He has booked us to open for him again on Thursday, March 30th from 7 – 8 p.m. I will send more info as it gets closer, but there is a possibility we will need to re-schedule, as one of our members may have a conflict. Stay tuned.

Meanwhile, this Sunday, March 5th, I will be performing three of my songs at the CSLN Sunday Service. They have a great band, so it is always an honor to have them back me. The service starts at 11 a.m., and my songs will be scattered throughout the service. Dr. Mitch Johnson will be giving the talk.

Well, that kinda does it for now.

Be safe, be well, be you.


ELLISVILLE NEWS–Feb. 3rd, 2023: A Burst Pipe And COVID; Upcoming Gig And Writers’ Night Ending

Hi Everyone,

I hope the new year has gotten off to a good start for you. For me–eh? The morning of Christmas Eve after temps as low as -1 here, I had a pipe burst inside my living room wall, and it took nearly a week for the plumber to come out. Bah humbug! It was finally fixed, and I had insulation placed inside the wall which was where the pipe actually burst.

On Jan. 4th, I came down with COVID. Compared to a lot of people, it was relatively mild with only a low grade fever, but the coughing was really hard. I am better now, but it took until yesterday for my singing voice to come back.


Speaking of singing, the GORDON ELLIS ENSEMBLE will be performing at Phat Bites in Donelson this coming Thursday, Feb. 9th from 7 – 8 P.M., opening for Jim Martin. This is a re-scheduling of the gig that was initially set for Jan.12th and had to be cancelled because of COVID. Phat Bites is a nice place with a good food menu–I loved their BLT with Avocado. The address is 2730 B Lebanon Pike, Nashville, 37214. I expect this to be a great show. If you haven’t seen us before (Or even if you have), I hope you can make it out.


Finally, the CSLN Writers’ Night has ended, at least for now. Attendance simply didn’t justify putting in the effort each month. AJ Bigler did Herculean job trying to keep it going, scheduling performers, promoting it, usually doing the sound, etc. but until overall attendance at CSLN increases, it just doesn’t make sense. Thanks, AJ, and Ray who also did the sound, and to everyone who was a Featured Performer, Spotlight Performer, or who performed at the Open Mic.

Well, that’s about it for this month. Be safe, be well, be you.


ELLISVILLE NEWS–Jan. 4, 2023: A Few Changes

Hi Everyone,

Happy New Year. Just a couple of updates from the last newsletter. The Gordon Ellis Ensemble gig at Phat Bites on Jan. 12th is going to be re-scheduled to another date. Stay tuned.

Shawn Gallaway has had to cancel as Spotlight Performer for the CSLN Writers’ Night this Friday, 1/6/22. Hopefully, that will be re-scheduled as well. This Friday’s CSLN Writers’ Night will be an all acoustic circle up in the classroom on the second floor. I believe AJ will bring a small amp for anyone bringing a keyboard. I am a bit under the weather myself, so I may miss it this month.

Other than an occasional reminder about an upcoming gig, I try not to send more than one of these newsletters in the same month, but sometimes things need to be corrected, so people don’t show up for an event or performer that has cancelled. Hope you understand.

Y’all be well.


ELLISVILLE NEWS–12/23/22: Flash Freezing Expected; Upcoming Gig In January; CSLN Writers’ Night Jan. 6th

Hi Everyone,

Well, I’ve said it before: If you don’t like the weather in Tennessee, wait a minute! Winter Storm Elliot (I think that’s what they are calling it) is barreling across the nation and moving into Ellisville as I type this (By the way, the National Weather Service doesn’t name these winter storms like they do tropical storms–it’s the Weather Channel that does).

This afternoon, we were in the low 50s. By early tomorrow morning, they are predicting 1 degree, with wind chills of -20 degrees or more. The temps are dropping so fast that the moisture on the ground from light rain is expected to freeze in minutes (Hence the term “Flash Freezing”). Brief, but intense heavy snow is knocking on our door right now. I’m stocked up and staying in!


So, just a heads up for now: On Thursday, January 12th, the Gordon Ellis Ensemble will be doing an hour set from 7 – 8 p.m. at Phat Bites in Donelson. I had never even heard of this place until recently, but it is apparently pretty well known and popular. Since the gig is still about 3 weeks away, I will post a reminder here, and put up a Facebook invite when it gets closer.

Meanwhile on Friday, Jan. 6th, we will resume the CSLN Writers’ Night. Shawn Gallaway will be our Spotlight Performer doing a half hour set, and AJ Bigler will do a one hour feature set. Shawn is a multi-talented guy: A fine singer who writes some great uplifting songs, he is also a visual artist and a healer, very involved in Men’s work.

AJ is the man in charge of this writers’ night and usually does the sound as well. He has some nice whimsical songs, often with unusual melodies, as well as some heartfelt ones. Let’s come out and show these guys some love. There will be an Open Mic from 7-8 p.m. (Sign up 6:30) followed by Shawn and then AJ. I don’t know if there will be a piano available for you keyboard players, so if you need one, you might want to bring one and arrive by 6:30 to get set up.

Meanwhile, CSLN will be having a Christmas Eve Service this Saturday at 4:30), weather permitting. No doubt, some beautiful music and an uplifting message from Rosemary Cathcart.

Well, that’s it for this month. Wishing you all a Merry Christmas Happy Chanukah, Happy Kwanza, and a Happy New Year. Here’s to a great 2023!



Hi Everyone,

Just a brief post here. First, thank you all who came out to the 404 Bar and Grill last week. Despite some challenges with the sound on stage, we pulled it off and got a good response.

Second, there will be no CSLN Writers’ Night in December. In January, we will be featuring Shawn Gallaway. More on that in the next newsletter.

And finally, Happy Thanksgiving! Sometimes, when things upset me, I forget all that I have to be grateful for, but I realize I have a lot. I hope you have more blessings to be grateful for than you can count.

Be safe, be well, be you.