ELLISVILLE NEWS–10/29/22 Upcoming Gig and Upcoming Writers’ Night

Hi Everyone,

I hope you are enjoying the fall weather and changing of the leaves. It’s been beautiful here.

My website is using a new host/server, and I don’t think my first attempt went out, so I am trying again. I apologize if you get multiple versions–it’s just until I get things straightened out.

I have an upcoming gig, I would like you to know about. On Wednesday, Nov. 16th, I will be doing a 1 hour set with a full 5 piece band from 7 – 8 P.M. at the 404 Bar And Grill in South Nashville. It is located at 404 Elysian Fields Drive, a half block west of Nolensville Rd. and about a half mile north of Harding. I will be playing with Arnie Reed and David Johnson, and a couple of new people. This should be a great set, so I hope you can make it out. There will be a $5.00 cover. Since it is still more than two weeks away, I will probably send a reminder a few days before.

Meanwhile, this Friday, Nov. 4th, CSLN will have its monthly Writers’ Night. It will start with an Open Mic from 7 – 8 P.M. Original songs, poems, short readings, etc. are welcome. Then from 8 – 9 P.M. we will be featuring 2 excellent songwriters: Antoinette Olesen and Buddy Farler.

Antoinette is not only a wonderful songwriter in her own right–she often mentors other writers, and was recently a guest speaker at the West Coast Songwriters Association in the Bay Area. Her songs range from beautiful love songs to spiritually uplifting. She has also been a guest performer at CSLN Sunday Services a number of times.

Buddy’s music defines description–you can’t put it in a box, but the songs are all very catchy and meaningful, and you will probably leave, hearing a couple of his tunes in your head. There is a $5.00 suggested love offering. Please come out and support this event, so we can keep it going.

That seems to be it for this month. Be safe, be well, be you.


ELLISVILLE NEWS–9/30/22: Just A Couple Of Things To Share

Hi Everyone,

After a pretty quiet Hurricane season, Mother Nature has made up for it big time with Hurricane Ian. I am sure you have all seen the news, so no need to recap here. As far as I can tell, people I know down in Florida have escaped the worst of the storm. But for others, it has no doubt been devastating. Now would probably be a good time to donate to the agency of your choice, to help out.


This coming Friday, Oct. 7th CSLN will have its monthly Writers Night. We will be deviating a bit from our normal format this month. Although there will still be an Open Mic at 7 p.m., instead of a couple of “Spotlight” acts, there will be just one Featured Performer: David McHenry and his band Void Contact. They will be doing at least an hour show starting at 8.

I believe David was the first drummer for the CSLN band around 30 years ago. Although I don’t have bio info on him, I saw his CD Release Party online a year or two ago. It was during COVID so there were only a few people in the live space, but David and his band did a fabulous job. I know he is planning a large ensemble, including backup singers and guest performers. If this is anything like his CD Release Party, it should be great.

$10 suggested love offering for use of the space.

My next gig is set for Wednesday, Nov. 16th at the 404 Bar and Grill. I am still trying to confirm it with the club owner, who has been hard to reach, so I won’t say anymore until next month’s newsletter.

It’s fall, and it’s beautiful here in Ellisville. Hope it is like that where you are.

Until next month,


ELLISVILLE NEWS–Aug. 26, 2022: CSLN Writers Night, And A Sunday Service Performance

Hi Everyone,

Wow, August seems to have gone by fast. It’s almost the end of the month.

Just a couple of things to mention. First, next Friday, Aug. 2nd, CSLN will be hosting another writers’ night. We will have 3 excellent performing songwriters: Gary Gullbergh, Julie Grower, and Billy Lee, preceded by a half hour Open Mic. Billy is an accomplished writer, including a #1 country hit. Julie’s songs are heartfelt and defy simple classification, but probably lean toward folk. And Gary is a consummate songwriter and entertainer, whose songs cannot easily be put in a box, unless you simply label that box “Great Music.”

The event will be in the Sanctuary, since part of the Fellowship Hall is off limits. The Open Mic is from 6:30 to 7 (Space for 5 performers. Sign up at 6:30). Please note–we may not have access to a piano. There is a $5.00 suggested love offering for the Center. In the past, we have encouraged potluck snacks and drinks, but not many people have brought or eaten the food, so I don’t know what to say about that. I guess, if you haven’t eaten and are hungry, bring food, bring some to share.


On Sunday, Sept. 11th, I am honored to be the Guest Performer at our service again. I will be doing 4 songs, backed by our stellar band.

I believe that’s it. Until next time, be well, be safe, and be you.


ELLISVILLE NEWS–Aug. 6, 2022: Reminder And Scam Alert

Hi Everyone,

Just a brief reminder, that I will be performing with Arnie Reed and David Johnson (The Gordon Ellis Ensemble) at Brown’s Diner this Tuesday, Aug. 9th from 6 – 6:45 P.M. As usual, all original music. Brown’s is at 2102 Blair Blvd, Nashville, Tn. 37212, less than a half block off 21st Ave. South, and across the street from Friedman’s Army Navy and Hillsboro Kroger. Hope you can make it.


I am copying and pasting this Scam Alert from the Next Door app. I can’t verify it, but someone thought it was important enough to post, so I am including it here:

“Scam Alert- More sophisticated. I (DB) got this in an email through the Nextdoor Neighbor email list. “BEWARE, FRIENDS: I almost fell for this very sophisticated debit card scam. Here’s how it goes: got a call, the caller ID was my bank. The guy says he’s from the fraud dept, calling about my debit card ending in —-(the 4 correct numbers), and asks if i’d been traveling, reports 2 suspicious charges that happened at out-of-state stores (Lowe’s and Walmart). I said nope, wasn’t me. He says they’ll send me a new card. He knows my address. He knows all my phone numbers. He sends a verification code to my cell and asks me to read it to him. THEN HE ASKS FOR MY PIN NUMBER, so he can deactivate it. That’s where I said “no.” But he has an answer for my suspicions: he says look at the number I’m calling from, it matches the number on the back of your card. It does! But still, then I said let me call you back and he hung up! I reported this to my bank’s fraud dept, who said WE WOULD NEVER ASK FOR YOUR PIN NUMBER. (And immediately cancelled my card.) They also said this is the new scam, they’re hearing about it a lot. Tell everyone! I knew also right away because as I was on the call… I checked with my identity protection service because I would have gotten an alert from my service before this call ever came. No alert found. My scam radar was screaming. Be careful out there guys these scammers are very tech savvy these days.” Thank you”

Have a great week and month,