ELLISVILLE NEWS–10/30/22 Upcoming Gig and Upcoming Writers’ Night

Hi Everyone,

I hope you are enjoying the fall weather and changing of the leaves. It’s been beautiful here.

My website is using a new host/server, and I don’t think my first attempt went out, so I am trying again. I apologize if you get multiple versions–it’s just until I get things straightened out.

I have an upcoming gig, I would like you to know about. On Wednesday, Nov. 16th, I will be doing a 1 hour set with a full 5 piece band from 7 – 8 P.M. at the 404 Bar And Grill in South Nashville. It is located at 404 Elysian Fields Drive, a half block west of Nolensville Rd. and about a half mile north of Harding. I will be playing with Arnie Reed and David Johnson, and a couple of new people. This should be a great set, so I hope you can make it out. There will be a $5.00 cover. Since it is still more than two weeks away, I will probably send a reminder a few days before.

Meanwhile, this Friday, Nov. 4th, CSLN will have its monthly Writers’ Night. It will start with an Open Mic from 7 – 8 P.M. Original songs, poems, short readings, etc. are welcome. Then from 8 – 9 P.M. we will be featuring 2 excellent songwriters: Antoinette Olesen and Buddy Farler.

Antoinette is not only a wonderful songwriter in her own right–she often mentors other writers, and was recently a guest speaker at the West Coast Songwriters Association in the Bay Area. Her songs range from beautiful love songs to spiritually uplifting. She has also been a guest performer at CSLN Sunday Services a number of times.

Buddy’s music defines description–you can’t put it in a box, but the songs are all very catchy and meaningful, and you will probably leave, hearing a couple of his tunes in your head. There is a $5.00 suggested love offering. Please come out and support this event, so we can keep it going.

That seems to be it for this month. Be safe, be well, be you.