ELLISVILLE NEWS 11/10/23 Performing at Phat Bites Next Week And CSLN This Sunday.

Hi Everyone,

Just a quick reminder: The Gordon Ellis Ensemble will be performing at Phat Bites in Donelson next week, Thursday, 11/16 from 7-8 P.M. We will be opening for the Jim Martin Band, doing a set of my original Americana/Country music. This will be our 4th time there, so they must like us. There is no cover charge, but there is a tip jar on the stage and tips are always welcome.

Phat Bites has some great sandwiches with generous portions, in case you want to have dinner there.

Meanwhile, before Phat Bites (This Sunday, 11/12), I will be the Guest Performer at the CSLN Sunday Service, doing 3 of my songs with their great

house band. Rosemary Cathcart will be the speaker.

Finally, I want to thank Holly Bruce for inviting me to do a 25 minute solo set at the Bowery Vault last Saturday as part of her “Music As Medicine” show. It went very well!

Okay, I promised to keep it brief, so that’s it for now.

Be safe, be well, be you.