ELLISVILLE NEWS–9/30/22: Just A Couple Of Things To Share

Hi Everyone,

After a pretty quiet Hurricane season, Mother Nature has made up for it big time with Hurricane Ian. I am sure you have all seen the news, so no need to recap here. As far as I can tell, people I know down in Florida have escaped the worst of the storm. But for others, it has no doubt been devastating. Now would probably be a good time to donate to the agency of your choice, to help out.


This coming Friday, Oct. 7th CSLN will have its monthly Writers Night. We will be deviating a bit from our normal format this month. Although there will still be an Open Mic at 7 p.m., instead of a couple of “Spotlight” acts, there will be just one Featured Performer: David McHenry and his band Void Contact. They will be doing at least an hour show starting at 8.

I believe David was the first drummer for the CSLN band around 30 years ago. Although I don’t have bio info on him, I saw his CD Release Party online a year or two ago. It was during COVID so there were only a few people in the live space, but David and his band did a fabulous job. I know he is planning a large ensemble, including backup singers and guest performers. If this is anything like his CD Release Party, it should be great.

$10 suggested love offering for use of the space.

My next gig is set for Wednesday, Nov. 16th at the 404 Bar and Grill. I am still trying to confirm it with the club owner, who has been hard to reach, so I won’t say anymore until next month’s newsletter.

It’s fall, and it’s beautiful here in Ellisville. Hope it is like that where you are.

Until next month,