ELLISVILLE NEWS–Aug. 6, 2022: Reminder And Scam Alert

Hi Everyone,

Just a brief reminder, that I will be performing with Arnie Reed and David Johnson (The Gordon Ellis Ensemble) at Brown’s Diner this Tuesday, Aug. 9th from 6 – 6:45 P.M. As usual, all original music. Brown’s is at 2102 Blair Blvd, Nashville, Tn. 37212, less than a half block off 21st Ave. South, and across the street from Friedman’s Army Navy and Hillsboro Kroger. Hope you can make it.


I am copying and pasting this Scam Alert from the Next Door app. I can’t verify it, but someone thought it was important enough to post, so I am including it here:

“Scam Alert- More sophisticated. I (DB) got this in an email through the Nextdoor Neighbor email list. “BEWARE, FRIENDS: I almost fell for this very sophisticated debit card scam. Here’s how it goes: got a call, the caller ID was my bank. The guy says he’s from the fraud dept, calling about my debit card ending in —-(the 4 correct numbers), and asks if i’d been traveling, reports 2 suspicious charges that happened at out-of-state stores (Lowe’s and Walmart). I said nope, wasn’t me. He says they’ll send me a new card. He knows my address. He knows all my phone numbers. He sends a verification code to my cell and asks me to read it to him. THEN HE ASKS FOR MY PIN NUMBER, so he can deactivate it. That’s where I said “no.” But he has an answer for my suspicions: he says look at the number I’m calling from, it matches the number on the back of your card. It does! But still, then I said let me call you back and he hung up! I reported this to my bank’s fraud dept, who said WE WOULD NEVER ASK FOR YOUR PIN NUMBER. (And immediately cancelled my card.) They also said this is the new scam, they’re hearing about it a lot. Tell everyone! I knew also right away because as I was on the call… I checked with my identity protection service because I would have gotten an alert from my service before this call ever came. No alert found. My scam radar was screaming. Be careful out there guys these scammers are very tech savvy these days.” Thank you”

Have a great week and month,