ELLISVILLE NEWS–Jan. 4, 2023: A Few Changes

Hi Everyone,

Happy New Year. Just a couple of updates from the last newsletter. The Gordon Ellis Ensemble gig at Phat Bites on Jan. 12th is going to be re-scheduled to another date. Stay tuned.

Shawn Gallaway has had to cancel as Spotlight Performer for the CSLN Writers’ Night this Friday, 1/6/22. Hopefully, that will be re-scheduled as well. This Friday’s CSLN Writers’ Night will be an all acoustic circle up in the classroom on the second floor. I believe AJ will bring a small amp for anyone bringing a keyboard. I am a bit under the weather myself, so I may miss it this month.

Other than an occasional reminder about an upcoming gig, I try not to send more than one of these newsletters in the same month, but sometimes things need to be corrected, so people don’t show up for an event or performer that has cancelled. Hope you understand.

Y’all be well.