ELLISVILLE NEWS–July 1, 2022: Happy Independence Day; Performing At Sunday Service; An Almost New Car; And More

Hi Everyone,

Just a brief update here. First, thanks to everyone who came out to the CSLN Writers Night on June 3rd, where I was featured with my Keyboard and Lead Guitar players, Arnie Reed and David Johnson, and backup singers, Pam Atha, Raven Barrientos, and Mark Horwitz. We had a good time. I hope you did too. Thanks, AJ Bigler, for the opportunity to be featured. There will be no Writers Night in July, due to the first Friday being on a holiday weekend. We hope to resume in August.

I know this is short notice, but I will be performing four of my songs at this Sunday’s CSLN Service (July 3rd), with Larry Faragalli and the awesome CSLN band. I always enjoy performing with these guys. There will also be a potluck after the service. And I have a round with Antoinette Olesen, Buddy Farler, and Susan Shann on Thursday, July 7th at the Millenium Maxwellhouse Hotel in Metro Center. We go on at 9 p.m., and I have heard that the wonderful Brian Wright will be sitting in on lead guitar. It should be a great set.

I got to celebrate my birthday last Friday with a bunch of friends at Tequilas. Good food, good friends, good time. Thanks, to all who came out. And this week, I gave myself a huge (Slightly belated) birthday present–an almost new 2020 Honda Accord EX. I got it at Carmax with under 6,000 miles on it. There is so much to learn with these new cars, but I think I am going to really like it.

That should do it for now. Everyone have a good and safe July 4th weekend.